Since 1982 Martin Leeuwis and Ton van Andel have been publishing books with aviation humor and cartoons. Their first book "Say Again" has now been reprinted ten times and remains available. It was followed by several other books. Further information can be found on

In many countries we have our distributors for the "Say ..." books. Sometimes they sell all kinds of aviation goods, sometimes only books and sometimes just our books. Although we try to arrange a same kind of price for everybody anywhere our distributors have their own pricing system. But, for many countries, it will be the easiest way of getting our books.

Please look at their websites!

The very successful German distributor of our books has been Siebert Luftfahtbedarf, Rektoratsweg 40 48159 Munster for many years now. Their web site is:

One of the oldest Dutch aviation book distributors is Flash Aviation in Eindhoven. Also for models and other articles. Now also via the net at:

They claim to be the largest pilot shop in Europe, and yes the Luchtvaarthobbyshop near Amsterdam, Schiphol airport carries an enormous amount of aviation goodies. Info at:

Everything you always wanted, as a gadget, you can find at From key-cord to sticker, and from badges to our books. Look at:

Our Portugese distributor, flyby Lda in Porto, a company run by a former fighter pilot ( A7 Corsair), can be found on:

United Kingdom:
One of the largest European distributors of aviation articles is Transair UK Ltd at Shoreham Airport and a shop in London near Victoria train station. Visit them at

A former fighter pilot (Saab Draken), now flying for SAS, has a small Import company for pilot's goods. He is taking care of all Scandinavian countries. Info at:

For our Swiss distributor, also known for their Buchair aviation database books, contact Bucher Publikationen, P.O.Box 44  8058 Zurich Kloten Airport at their own website: unknown

A former US Navy pilot, now commanding a wide-body at a major US airline has written a book "This is your Captain speaking" and sells all "Say ..." books in his bookshop, at fair prices. Info at: